Insurance Discounts for Fire Fighters

Here at Key Worker Insure, we are also able to offer insurance discounts for fire fighters because we understand what your skills, training and experience should mean for your insurance premium. This is especially the case at a time when car insurance premiums are going through the roof!

As with all of our core occupations, we are able to extend this level of pricing individuality to your family members too. This is because we have a unique approach to pricing when it comes to car insurance for fire fighters. This approach is based on the fact that our management team have over 10 years of experience of working in and around the emergency services.

Key Worker Insure are able to give car insurance discounts for fire fighters based on factors such as a role, rank, length of service and any other specialist skills.
Fire fighters skills & training currently go unnoticed by the insurance industry. This is something that we here at Key Worker Insure are incredibly passionate about, and we work tirelessly in order to try and ensure that your car insurance premiums reflect more than just a postcode or minor road traffic offence.

Other Fire Fighter Insurance Discounts

Here at Key Worker Insure we can also provide Kit, Home and Travel Insurance especially catered for Fire Fighter staff. Call now for a quote on 01277 888 564 or contact us.